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Bundle Includes:
1- Blue Drea & Maui Waui Preroll
1- Galaxy OG & Saphire Tsu Preroll
1- The Original Galaxy OG Vape Cartridge
1- The Original Train Wreck Vape Cartirdge
1- The Original Blue Dream Premium Flower
1- The Original Galaxy OG Premium Flower

Blue Drea & Maui Waui Preroll:
This perfect pairing are classic "old school" genetics, which offer a potent yet smooth onset, leaving you in a dreamy euphoric bliss. 
Our Family Favorite for over 13 years, this unique blend of Blue Dream and Old School Maui Waui is the perfect balance of fruity flavors with a heady high that’s sure to please. The Quintessential Sativa Dominant strain from Humboldt Family Farms.

Galaxy OG & Saphire Tsu Preroll:
Flowers are female and this collabrative joint celebrates this fact. Bred in Humboldt and a perfect blend of 50% Sapphire Tsu from Neukom Family Farms and 50% Galaxy OG from Humboldt Family Farms.
Amy Neukom, who is just as well known for her Organic Peaches as she is her legendary cannabis. Together, with Humboldt Family Farms's Galaxy OG these two strains are the perfect combination.

The Original Galaxy OG Vape Cartridge:
Sourced from Humboldt County's finest farms, this Vape Cartridge is designed to deliver the highest quality of 100% Humboldt Cannabis derived OG extract.
OG has been an extremely sought after classic strain cultivated by our farmers in Humboldt for generations.  It's our pleasure to share it with you in a cartridge for when you're on the go or have relatives over.  Nobody needs to know you're an OG.

The Original Train Wreck Vape Cartirdge:
100% Humboldt County full term Sungrown Train Wreck flower extract.
Once we extracted and refined the terpene fraction, we were able to verify that this variety was a high terpinolene strain and also learned that there was another rare dominant terpene present called Ocimene. Ocimene is one of the rarest terpenes in cannabis and presents a tropical essence to the palate. Being able to balance the sometimes harsh and powerful pine notes and with a sweet tropical counterpunch is why this cultivar was chosen for a flavor forward sativa leaning curated product.

The Original Blue Dream Premium Flower:
This Sativa-dominant hybrid has been a fan favorite for many years. A balanced high with a stimulating cerebrial effect to help you motivate, create and explore.
This F1 Blue Dream strain has been on the farm for over 12 years and consistantly sells out first. A good producer with a sweet fruity smell that lingers over at the farm and always keeps us in a good mood.

The Original Galaxy OG Premium Flower:
This Indica dominant hybrid was brought to Humboldt back in 1996 and has been a cult favorite ever since.
An Original on the farm the Galaxy OG requires advanced techniques with lots of care and patience throughout the late season as the heavy flowers finish up late October.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov